Next Frontier in Asset Ownership

“X” your Wealth: Smart Contracts, Smart Investments, Own Assets on the Blockchain


Invest in Global Digital Assets

Real-World Asset Backing

Backed by varied Real-World Asset classes, providing stability and a tangible value proposition.

Fractional Ownership

Invest in tokenized assets through a syndicate/club as easily as investing in cryptocurrencies.

Global Access

Invest in high-yield and value driven assets across borders and be a part of global XMAT community.

Easy Liquidity

Liquidity for asset owners and token holders through instant purchase,sale, transfers.

Digital Assets

Own a share in valuable assets like real estate, gold, businesses using smart contracts.

Secure and Compliant

Achieve transparent, traceable and secure transaction on blockchain, minimizing frauds.

XMAT is specially crafted to steer your investments into the future.

XMAT Club simplifies multi-asset investing


Secure, Transparent, Smooth

  • Integrated with DeFi to provide liquidity
  • Decentralised identity compliance
  • High value and high yield assets
  • Your own syndicates on chain
  • Fractional ownership of assets
  • Smooth on ramp and off ramp transactions
  • Automated distribution of dividends
  • Real time verification of fund activities
  • Join Waitlist

    XMAT Club is built on trust

    Trusted, decentralised, realworld asset backed

  • Multi layered security on blockchain
  • Interoperability protocols across systems
  • Tokenised real world assets
  • Decentralised governance in a DAO structure
  • Tamper proof record keeping
  • Secure audits to mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Realtime analytics and reporting tools
  • Secure custody mechanisms
  • xfundarchitecturexfundarchitecture

    XMAT Asset Classes


    Web3 Projects


    ESG Projects


    Real Estate



    XMAT provides universal access to investment opportunities across asset classes, breaking traditional wealth and geographical barriers through a unique democratised platform.

    XMAT platform promises swift, cost-effective transactions, enabling investors to act quickly based on market dynamics, ensuring liquidity.

    XMAT offers a safe, compliant environment, combining innovation with stringent KYC/AML protocols and local regulations for various clubs.